2018.4.30 Video LIbrary Update, (Potentially-)Huge Site News

Updates are still going to be sporadic as the moving process continues, but I promised a monster update, and I feel I’ve delivered here.

This morning sees the addition of three huge tournaments to the World Warriors Video Library:

Tekken 7 @ Evo Japan 2018 (featuring one of the best grand finals ever played)
Ultra Street Fighter IV @ Final Round XVIII
Super Street Fighter II Turbo @ Canada Cup 2017

This morning also sees the removal of the broken links that once were The 16th Cooperation Cup, but the restoration effort (with English commentary!) is already underway.

Of course, the big piece of news is that the database woes regarding team-based fighting games have been largely solved, but maintaining them would take anywhere from 3-5x the time it takes to maintain the 1v1 fighting games we already feature. As such, the rollout of team-based fighting games into the World Warriors featured games lineup is on the $3000/mo Patreon donation tier. The lineup as planned would look something like this:

Capcom vs SNK 2
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
The King of Fighters XIV
One of The King of Fighters 98 or 2002

(There would be a lengthy discussion with Collaborator-level backers regarding the final list.)

If you want to help make this possible, click the “Support World Warriors!” link on the sidebar.