8.11.2019 Video Library Update – #BringBackKI

Yes, it’s the first video library update in nearly a year, and the first to feature one of the new games added to the video library in the Evo weekend announcement! World Warriors throws its support behind the #BringBackKI movement with 211 newly-indexed KI matchups spanning four events.-Combo Breaker 2019
-Killer Instinct 2017 World Cup
-Kumite in Tennessee 2018 (Top 8 only)
-Texas Showdown 2018

The top 8 from Texas Showdown had some pretty nasty technical difficulties toward the end, causing me to reconsider indexing some of the matches, but I went ahead and let it ride since what remained on video was still very much worth including.

Hoping to make these updates a more regular thing moving forward. It feels good to be doing this again.