Forums Closed

Effective immediately, I am closing down the World Warriors message boards.

This is an ironic step for the site, since we (my web guy, a couple of other staffers, and myself) actually fast-tracked the reveal of the site for the sole purpose of making the message boards available when it appeared the SRK community was about to shut down (while taking nearly two decades of content with it). I had ideas of it being something of a throwback to what SRK used to be like in those early days of the ’00s, while also building a community from today’s FGC as well.

Instead, SRK migrated their boards, and the World Warrior forums became a quasi-revival of a couple old Gamespot communities that never really managed to take off in that form, either. In the end, they were essentially just a hub for spambots to talk amongst themselves, and as of right now, it is no longer even that.

I still aim to build a community around this site, and I’ll have more to say about that in the future, but the next step will be much more carefully planned and probably integrated with the site’s core features somehow.

Stay tuned.