#WeAreWorldWarriors, Revisited

Today is the day! World Warriors is now officially open for business after spending a few months as a work-in-progress hiding in plain sight. Truthfully, I don’t have a lot to say right now that I haven’t said already. I hope that this site goes on to become an important contribution to the fighting game community that tears down barriers between players and information, makes anyone a better player who takes advantage of its resources, and re-energizes the culture of the most foundational games of the fighting genre.

In being inspired to create this site, I envisioned players coming here to relive their favorite matches from tournaments gone by, getting intensely scholarly in their efforts to learn a new character or a matchup they’re having problems with, or scouting their pool competition in the days leading up to events. I envisioned a fighting game community as focused on its most proven and longstanding games as it is on its exciting newcomers, and a group of small communities within the broader one banding together to elevate those time-tested games to their once and future prominence.

It’s a familiar starting point, but an important one. This site is nothing without you. World Warriors’ fate is in the hands of the players who believe in its potential, and in the driving idea behind it. If that’s you, spread the word, join the community we’re building here, and let’s see what builds around it. That community-driven mentality is in the spirit of the simple mantra I promoted this site upon from the beginning.


Welcome aboard.