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Why You Should Play Vampire Savior in 2018

[Note: The following is part one of a series that was planned from the moment the site launch was announced. In the World Warriors Introductory Series, top players are given World Warriors as a platform to explain, however they see fit, why the legacy games we support here are still compelling and viable in 2018, […]

Switch Warriors #1

Despite Los Angeles being a hub for the fighting game community, we are no strangers to arcades being closed. High rents and online gaming have shuttered many of the region’s arcades. Regardless, there is still a large amount of players who prefer face to face combat. With the Nintendo Switch, the need for a dedicated […]

#WeAreWorldWarriors, Revisited

Today is the day! World Warriors is now officially open for business after spending a few months as a work-in-progress hiding in plain sight. Truthfully, I don’t have a lot to say right now that I haven’t said already. I hope that this site goes on to become an important contribution to the fighting game […]

We Are Southern California

Preservation isn’t something any video game publisher is particularly good at. Rights and licenses expire and beloved games never make their way onto modern consoles. Video games are not a scholarly pursuit either. Universities don’t have video game history classes. Preservation of the classics fall on the community. It is the sheer love and passion […]

The Foundation

Now that World Warriors is up and running in earnest, I figured I should take a moment to touch on how the lineup of supported games was assembled, while also shouting out a couple of “honorable mentions” that may be supported in the future depending on their communities and/or our own capabilities. Street Fighter V: […]